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Welcome to Family Mediation Canada

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Family Mediation Canada is an interdisciplinary association of professionals, working together, creating a better way to provide for co-operative conflict resolution relating to families. FMC was established in 1985 as a charitable, not-for-profit association.

We help families succeed by providing referrals to Consumers and information to Family Mediators and other like-minded organizations across Canada. Family Mediation in times of conflict can dramatically reduce the human and financial cost of conflict resolution. Contact us today for more information.

FMC is a nationally registered Charitable Organization with Affiliates across Canada.

Our Vision:
Excellence in Family Mediation.

Our Mission:
Family Mediation Canada (FMC) is a national organization dedicated to the promotion of mediation and other forms of conflict resolution for individuals, families, workplaces and communities.

Mediation's Greatest Attribute...Simplicity
"There's no need for a formal setting, no need for a particular format, no discovery, no testimony, no one under oath. All mediation needs is a valid dispute, people interested in resolving the dispute, and a neutral third party to direct these efforts. Mediation is at its most useful and compelling when it is simple, easy, time efficient, inexpensive, and prompt."
---Fred R. Butterworth, a Lawyer of more than 40 years