Family Mediation Canada, which has traditionally focused on the impact of separation and divorce on families, has over twenty-five years’ experience developing and growing mediation in Canada. Not only is FMC a recognized leader in mediation training, certification, research and public policy development, it has also played a role in the evolution of our modern family courts.

Litigation, the traditional response to separation and divorce, can be a costly and cumbersome process. The adversarial nature of litigation can also produce a great deal of stress. Mediation and other forms of non-adversarial dispute resolution, on the other hand, are being increasingly accepted as appropriate and effective first-line responses for families in transition. And even though legal proceedings may have started, mediation remains an option within this process up to the point where a decision is made by the Court. Mediation also has the advantage of being a private process. It is done on a «without prejudice» basis, that is, the discussions held in mediation are confidential.

It is preferable if the parties sign a mediated Settlement Agreement after each person has received independent legal advice. Once a Settlement Agreement is filed with the Court, it becomes a binding and enforceable legal document and it also becomes a public record. Obtaining independent legal advice prior to signing an Agreement combines the advantages of privacy with legal protection before the Agreement becomes a binding contract.

Across Canada, the use of family mediation to assist families to restructure following separation and divorce is exploding. Our certified mediators are among the best trained and most skillful in the country. They have behind them the collective knowledge and experience of FMC. They are highly motivated to provide services to families in a professional and ethical manner. And through FMC, they have access to the latest information and innovations in the field, along with the support of their peers.

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