As the power of mediation to provide an effective, affordable and constructive means of resolving disputes is increasingly being recognized, it is being applied to more and more areas of human interaction. This is no less true of family mediation, than of other fields.

Family Mediation Canada is focusing on a number of areas of family mediation specializations that are experiencing rapid expansion — separation and divorce mediation, international custody mediation, child protection mediation, elder mediation and aboriginal community mediation. It is our hope that by recognizing the particular character of each specialization and by giving clear shape to each in terms of their special education, training, certification, practice and ethical requirements, we will be able to maximize the quality and professionalism of mediation services across the board.

>Restructuring along the lines of these identified specializations, will, we believe, create greater opportunities for practioners in each area to identify each other, to network more effectively and to have greater influence on the evolving application of family mediation to these particular areas.