The Cert.FRM Standard Certification Program: This designation represents the first step towards Cert.FRM Advanced certification – the gold standard in Family Relations Mediation Certification.


FMC asserts the need for the national standard in the field of family mediation and is guided by the Family Mediation Canada Members Code of Professional Conduct. It is imperative that Family Mediators grow their competency, specializing in issues of family restructuring and that they work toward deepening their sensitivities in this important area. The goal of the FMC Family Mediation program is to promote a consistent standard for family mediators through certification and continuing education. The general public can be assured that FMC certified Family Mediators are both committed and competent to work professionally and ethically in this developing field of practice.

Cert.FRM Standard

The Certified Family Relations Mediator Standard certification includes all the requirements listed in the Family Relations Mediation Advanced Certification application form, excluding the requirement of completing a video role play, self-assessment, and written exam. This certification level is considered an entry level of Family Mediation certification for those newly entering the field and those family mediators currently offering a Family Mediation service who would benefit from additional education and training specific to Family Mediation.  The expectation is that once applicants have experienced the Standard Certification, they will then aspire to continue to move forward to the Cert.FRM Advanced level. The advanced level is that which includes the video role play, self-assessment and written exam. Family Mediators who wish to offer Family Mediation training will be required to hold the Cert.FRM Advanced level of certification.

All currently certified Family Mediators – those who have already completed a role play, self-assessment, and written exam as part of their certification & were previously designated “Cert.FRM” – will move to the advanced level and be entitled to use the “Cert.FRM Advanced” designation.

The Cert.FRM Advanced designation reflects the highest standards in education, training, and experience for Family Relations Mediators in Canada. Our Certification Program embodies a comprehensive training process as well as a rigorous assessment of each Family Mediation candidate. FMC’s Certification Program also requires on-going training.

Certification Process

Mediators seeking certification are required to hold General Membership with Family Mediation Canada ($140/year)

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Candidates on the roster to become a certified Family Mediator will have opportunities to demonstrate their sensitivities and knowledge, empathic qualities, values, mediation skills and abilities. They will demonstrate their commitment to professional development and self-determination and enhance their learning in the required areas while demonstrating learning in the general area of family restructuring and couple separation related issues.

The levels of certification:

  • Cert.FRM Standard – includes all the requirements listed in the Family Relations Mediation Advanced Certification application form excluding the role play, self-assessment and written exam.
  • Cert.FRM Advanced – requires the candidate to submit a video role play, self-assessment and successfully complete the written exam.
  • Direct Cert.FRM Advanced – proceed directly to the Cert.FRM Advanced certification process.

For the application form for these certifications, please click here>>> FMC CERTIFICATION APPLICATION FORM



Requirements to Apply

With the two tracks for achieving the “Cert.FRM Advanced” designation, (Part A and B), candidates can opt to complete the entry level of certification (Cert.FRM Standard) (Part A) first, and then at some later date complete the remaining requirements (Part B) to attain the advanced designation (Cert.FRM Advanced). OR a candidate can move directly to the Cert.FRM Advanced process from the outset. (Direct Process). The requirements for the latter – called the Direct route in the table below – are as follows:


At least 80 hours of basic conflict resolution and mediation theory education and skills training, including intercultural training AND at least 100 hours of further related education and training including:

  • At least 35 hours of training on the family dynamics of separation and divorce
  • At least 14 hours on child law: custody, access, guardianship, support, child protection and abduction law
  • At least 21 hours of training including instruction on power imbalances and the dynamics and effects of family abuse on family members
  • At least 7 hours of training on financial issues relating to separation, divorce and family reorganization
  • At least 7 hours of training on ethical issues relating to the mediation process
  • At least 7 hours on drafting memoranda of understanding


The second level of certification (Advanced) requires the applicant to pass a written exam and a role play which is then assessed by qualified mediator assessors.  This Advanced level allows the applicant to display the knowledge of the skills required of a mediator and obtain feedback for self-assessment and improvement. The rigorous evaluation makes FMC certification credible in the marketplace.

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