Certifications FAQ2021-07-22T17:22:23-04:00
Why Certify?2021-04-19T00:33:13-04:00
  • Professional development
  • Stay ahead of government standards/requirements
  • Quality mark for consumers
  • Competitive edge as consumer awareness increases
  • Credential supporting higher fee structure and marketing of professional practice
  • Personal satisfaction in achievement
What is the process to become a FMC Certified Family Mediator?2021-04-19T00:33:17-04:00

Candidates wishing to pursue the FMC Certified Family Mediator designation must first become a member of FMC. Following that, members must complete the Certification Application Form.

What is the process for obtaining certification?2021-04-19T00:33:16-04:00
  • Acceptance of application and prerequisites.
  • Completion and submission of a roleplay video.
  • Personal skills assessment of the video.
  • Final written examination.
Must I carry special liability insurance if I am a Certified Mediator?2021-04-19T00:33:13-04:00

Yes. Your declaration of this is a condition of your annual maintenance. Insurance should be in the amount of no less than $1 million aggregate. FMC provides access to the insurer.

Is it necessary to take Certification Preparation Workshops?2021-04-19T00:33:14-04:00

Certification preparation workshops are recommended, particularly for those not used to assessment processes and skills demonstrations. The workshops are offered by trainers who are FMC Certified Mediators and approvedby FMC to present the workshop. For a list of approved trainers for these workshops contact FMC.

How long does it take to become FMC certified?2021-04-19T00:33:16-04:00

A candidate can complete the certification process in a few months, if all submissions are complete and made in a timely manner, or up to one year.

How does the FMC Certification Program differ from accreditation offered by the provincial family mediation organizations?2021-04-19T00:33:15-04:00

FMC’s certification process is known throughout Canada, and is transportable from one legal jurisdiction to another. Provincial governments and judges are keen to ensure that court-connected mediators offer safe, professional mediation services in compliance with national professional practice and training standards. FMC family mediationcertification is increasingly being required of family mediators who wish to work in close proximity with courts.

How does FMC verify the hours of training?2021-04-19T00:33:14-04:00

The Certifying Assessor reviews the candidate’s list of trainers and courses in detail and the completed statutory declaration verifying the accuracy of the contents of the application.

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