Wanda Dennelly
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Wanda Dennelly

Separation, divorce, parenting plans

About Wanda:

I have over 12 years of experience as a mediator (divorce and parenting) and as a family court counsellor. I have also been divorced, remarried, and raised a blended family--I get it. My approach to mediation is from an Insight Mediation perspective: I believe people need help to process their emotions before they can focus on making difficult decisions about their children and finances. My fees are affordable because I understand there often isn't a lot of extra money available when families are separating. Call me to discuss your situation--I have flexible hours and will work around your schedule. Appointments can be arranged to meet in my office or online.

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Family Separation: Financial,Family Separation: Parenting,Parenting Co-ordinator

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Edmonton, Alberta and surrounding area

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