Theresa Dunn
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Theresa Dunn

family, workplace, international peacebuilder, community organization, church/faith groups

About Theresa:

I have more than 30 years of experience in conflict coaching, conflict assessment, and mediation using conflict transformation principles and practices. I facilitate a path to reconciliation for individuals, families, communities, nationally and internationally. I am known for working through emotionally charged issues that are generated by the challenges of neurodiversity, mental health and addictions issues, child custody, and achieving healthy loving relations at home, work or in your community. I conduct most of my work through online platforms and am available to meet in person if desired. While my certifications are not with FMC I have numerous accreditations noted on my website. Please see my website for more information and access to my CV at

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Issues Mediated:

Aboriginal Community,Child Protection,Elder,Family Separation: Parenting,Health Care: Elder,Parent - Teen

Areas Served:

Canada and International

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