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Steven Reisler

Separation and Divorce, parenting, all financial issues including property, child and spousal support; Family estate issues including contested wills, support for dependants (

About Steven:

I am a very experienced mediator, having been a mediator since approximately 1996. I also practised law for about 30 years, but have retired from my legal practice. My legal career encompassed family, real estate and business law. This knowledge, combined with my mediation experience and problem-solving skills is a great benefit in helping to resolve disputes. I am also able to draft proper and enforceable agreements. I take pride in being able to communicate well with all clients, regardless of their background or education. My process for resolving disputes is efficient, timely and reasonably priced. I provide an information session and cost estimate, with no obligation or charges if the mediation does not proceed.

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Family Business,Family Separation: Financial,Family Separation: Parenting,Family Succession and Wills,Parent - Teen

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Region of Waterloo, Bruce and Grey Counties

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