Richard Merrill Haney, Ph.D.
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Richard Merrill Haney, Ph.D.

About Richard Merrill:

I provide warm, heart-connected and empathetic counselling, coaching, mediation and hypnotherapy services to individuals, couples and families. I concentrate on "wholistic" healing and empowerment rather than on being clinical and "helping". Basically, I form what I call a "Healing Partnership" with the people who come for my services. I tend to be quite eclectic and bring a wide range of skills, techniques, modalities and wisdom to each counselling interaction. Please contact me to enhance your life and to make the most of each moment. My favourite slogan is: "Listening well is the most eloquent sign of caring." The people that come to see me have often commented that I possess a quality which one of them aptly dubbed, "integrated intelligence". I have indeed had vast life experiences and have become what some people call an "emotional genius". I am very grateful that I can share this gift. Because I am cross-trained and have very wide experience in many fields I am quite often able to quickly "pin-point" a person's "stuck points". My knowledge of Spiritual Emergence and Cellular Consciousness from my Hypnotherapy practice helps in healing wounds that have emotionally blocked someone for decades.

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Aboriginal Community,Elder,Family Separation: Financial,Family Separation: Parenting,International Custody,Parent - Teen,Parenting Co-ordinator

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