Pete Desrochers
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Pete Desrochers

Divorce, Separation, Wills & Estates, Elder Care, Children and Teen issues.

About Pete:

Pete is a Chartered Mediator and a Qualified Arbitrator in Canada, as well as a Registered Mediator and Arbitrator in the United States. He has completed over 3,000 mediations; and high profile cases involving the kidnapping of a child to Japan during a custody battle and the domestic murder of a celebrity. In addition to Divorce and Separation mediation, Pete runs several divorce support groups and features a special weekend divorce workshop in conjunction with several lawyers, so that all issues can be settled in one single weekend. His mediation firm, "The Negotiators", has offices in Edmonton, Calgary, Ft. McMurray and Saskatoon. . Family mediations focus primarily on divorce and separation issues; resolving disputes over wills and estates (Probate Mediation); Elder Care, and children's problems. He believes these are among the most emotional and need special care and attention. He is also one of the “Dispute Resolution Panel” pioneers. These panels are comprised of lawyers, mediators and arbitrators who can render findings in any conflict at a fraction of the cost of conventional options. Pete lives in Alberta and is the Executive Director of the Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society. This a federally registered charity with the mandate to educate people on Alternative Dispute Resolution options and make these services more available to the general public. He also recently was a judge at the World University Mediation Championships in Brazil. Pete’s record of success is formidable, his reputation is well-known, his compassion is obvious to those who meet him, and his dedication to fairness, confidentiality and professionalism is absolute.

Issues Mediated:

Aboriginal Community, Adoption, Child Protection, Elder, Elder Residential Care, Family Business, Family Separation: Financial, Family Separation: Parenting, Family Succession and Wills, Health Care: Elder, Health Care: Family, International Custody, Parent - Teen

Areas Served:

Edmonton, Calgary, Ft. McMurray, Lloydminster, rural Alberta, Saskatoon

Languages Spoken:

English, French

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