Margaret Stewart Sweet
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Margaret Stewart Sweet

Family Relations, Elder Mediation, Child Development, Community Development

About Margaret:

Margaret Stewart Sweet believes mediation services are intended to preserve relationships and must be made affordable in Prince Edward Island communities. Known also as interest-based conflict resolution, mediation expertise is for building and restoring communications between families, businesses, communities, and agencies. Turning conflict around since 1996, her practice seeks to rebuild trust, and respect, and promote team-building with effective decision-making about personal, social, organizational, political, economic, and environmental problems.

Certification(s) Held:

Elder Mediator Certification - Advanced,Family Relations Certification - Advanced

Issues Mediated:

Aboriginal Community,Child Protection,Elder,Elder Residential Care,Family Business,Family Separation: Financial,Family Separation: Parenting,Health Care: Elder,Health Care: Family,International Custody,Parent - Teen,Parenting Co-ordinator

Areas Served:

Prince Edward Island and First Nations communities

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