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Louise P Campbell, QC

Divorce, Separation and Parenting

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The circumstances of separation or divorce cause intense personal stress and disappointment. Then there is the torment, distraction and cost of a divorce. It is one of the most demanding and difficult points in a person's life. But the option is open for both you and your spouse to directly hire a senior family lawyer to mediate and if that is unsuccessful, arbitrate the terms your divorce. Direct confrontation is not necessary. Court Applications are not necessary. You must both agree to this procedure. If you both can agree, you may hire directly Louise P. Campbell Q.C. as your Mediator/Arbitrator. Louise has practiced almost exclusively in the area of family law for over 35 years. She has participated in hundreds of matrimonial disputes and settlements, including property and support matters involving high-end private and public holdings and international custody disputes. She communicates equally well with men and women. Louise can come to conclusions efficiently and in a cost effective manner without confrontation. The Order of an Arbitrator may be enforced as a Judgement of the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta. You may both elect to have separate lawyers or you may meet with Louise without a lawyer. Divorce can now be done in a civilized manner. Louise P. Campbell Q.C. Dispute Resolution Officer Registered Mediator Chartered Arbitrator Barrister and Solicitor Contact Louise’s assistant Joni to co-ordinate both spouses and to retain Louise: (403) 245-4616 | [email protected]

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Family Separation: Financial,Family Separation: Parenting,Family Succession and Wills,International Custody,Parenting Co-ordinator

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