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Lorri Yasenik

Family, Child Inclusive, High Conflict PC

About Lorri:

Lorri A. Yasenik, Ph.D., RSW, RPT-S, CPT-S is specialized in working with children and families in the areas of treatment of trauma, high conflict separation and divorce and child development in Calgary, AB Canada. In addition to being a certified supervisor of child psychotherapy and play therapy, Lorri is a Registered Family Mediator and a Registered Parenting Coordinator-Arbitrator. Lorri has a keen interest in legal issues that affect children’s lives and has completed research in the area of “Including the Voices of Children in the Legal System” and is currently the key researcher in an international post-doctorate research project on a method of child inclusive practice “Meeting with Children” for Mediators and other ADR practitioners. Lorri is the Past President of Alberta Family Mediation Society, and the current president of AFCC Alberta. She is the co-founder and co-director of the International Centre for Children and Family Law (Sydney Australia /Calgary Canada) and the Co-director/owner of Rocky Mountain Play Therapy Institute in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Lorri provides training related to child inclusive practice in family law and child psychotherapy and play therapy nationally and internationally. She also continues to provide clinical services to children and families.

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Family Business,Family Separation: Parenting,International Custody,Parenting Co-ordinator

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Alberta / Sydney AU

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