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Dr. Fong trains mediators, arbitrators and judicial officers internationally for the past 38 years. He is a psychologist expert for the courts.. His training materials in mediation are used world wide. He is the co-author of 'Mediation' with Dr. John Haynes. Originally trained by Dr. John Haynes, Ph.D. (U.S.), a leading international mediator and author, Dr. Fong since 1992 has acted as an Arbitrator both in family/divorce and as well with CAMVAP (automobile manufacturers) since 1998. He is the only psychologist to provide training for lawyers through the Legal Education Society Alberta (LESA), which has been the training section for lawyers in the Province of Alberta for over 20 years. The training program, an intensive 42 hour program, exceeds the requirements for Advanced Practitioner level in the Association for Conflict Resolution, the largest mediation organization in the world. The LESA program is one of only two programs in Canada to be approved and one of Canada’s longest running approved programs in mediation. This training program, since 1989, has been the ultimate choice of all mediators, including from the fields of the Judiciary, law, psychology, social work, accounting, education, business, police, the ministry, and other professions. Many of the graduates are mediators in such areas such as wills/estate, commercial, personal injury, neighborhood dispute, and mediation in hospitals or medical settings. Graduates are from all parts of North America, as well as from Holland and Switzerland. Dr. Fong has trained Judges, police personnel, psychologists, lawyers, and business persons across 15 different countries. In 1993, he opened the first World Mediation Conference with then President Mary Robinson of Ireland, and he was on the Scientific Committee for the WMF conferences in Sardinia, Italy, Crans-Montana, Switzerland, and Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was the first Canadian as a Board member of the World Mediation Forum. Dr. Fong has been a trainer for the National Judicial Council (California) and National Judicial Institute (Canada) for Judges. Judges trained in Canada are from Provincial Court to the Supreme Court of Canada. He has trained Judges for Royal Roads College (Canada) and Judges of all levels in the Trinidad & Tobago. Many of his training programs in European countries have included Judges up to Appellate level. In 1999, he was an opening speaker for the Nordic Mediation Conference in Oslo, Norway and guest plenary speaker and trainer for the same conference in Denmark (2002). He was the initial trainer for the master’s degree in law in mediation program for the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen and continues to this day. He has trained Judges (Nordic countries) in Sweden in 2011. He has been a regular mediation trainer in Switzerland (since 1999) and Holland. In addition, he trains Judges and mediators in Canada, the United States, Argentina, Trinidad & Tobago, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Cuba, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy.

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Family Business,Family Separation: Financial,Family Separation: Parenting,International Custody,Parent - Teen,Parenting Co-ordinator

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