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Hilary Linton

Family law, contract and partnership disputes, restorative justice, victim-offender mediation,

About Hilary:

Hilary is a Toronto lawyer, mediator, parenting coordinator, interviewer for Hear the Child Reports, arbitrator and educator. Her firm Riverdale Mediation Ltd. provides family mediation, family arbitration, parenting coordination, training and consulting services. She holds professional designations in family mediation, parenting coordination and arbitration with FMC, FDRIO and OAFM variously. She is President of mediate393 inc. which delivers family mediation and information services at Toronto’s Superior and Provincial Courts of Justice. Hilary mediates and arbitrates all family law issues including complex parenting and mobility cases; income determination, child and spousal support, property division disputes, and extended family and family business matters. She and her PC Team at Riverdale together provide a structured, child-focused, effective parenting coordination for parties seeking support implementing the terms of their parenting plans. She oversees a team of family mediators, arbitrators and parenting coordinators working to help families resolve their disputes effectively and durably out of court. Hilary has received Awards of Excellence from the Ontario Bar Association (2014) and FDRIO (2020). Ms. Linton has been an adjunct professor at the Western University Faculty of Law, including as a two-time recipient of the James G. McLeod Professorship in Family Law. She taught Family Dispute Resolution in the LL.M. (Family Law) program at Osgoode Hall Law School for several years. Riverdale designs mediation, negotiation, parenting coordination and arbitration workshops for legal and other professionals, government agencies and faith communities. Riverdale is well known for its broad range of in-house courses for lawyers, collaborative professionals, mediators and arbitrators, including certification-eligible and Law Society accredited programs in mediation, arbitration, parenting coordination, screening for power imbalances and family violence in FDR processes, and family law. Speaking and training engagements have included: IMPACT JUSTICE for the Caribbean (St. Lucia, Guyana, Belize, Barbados, Grenada, St. Kitts & Nevis, Dominica); Family Mediation Association, Cape Town South Africa; Clarke's Family Law Conference, Johannesburg, South Africa; Law Society of Manitoba; Halifax Collaborative Law Association; Ontario Office of the Children’s Lawyer; Legal Aid Ontario; Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia (CLEBC); Resolution, UK (London;) Swedish Forum for Mediation and Conflict Resolution (Gothenberg); Dublin Family Lawyers Association; Nunavut Legal Services Board; Ismaili Conciliation and Arbitration Board; Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama-at of Canada; Family Mediation Canada.

Certification(s) Held:

Comprehensive Family Mediator Certification - Advanced

Issues Mediated:

Family Business,Family Separation: Financial,Family Separation: Parenting,International Custody,Parent - Teen,Parenting Co-ordinator

Areas Served:

All services and training is available online/virtual; we also offer in-person service throughout Ontario.

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