Delphine du Toit
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Delphine du Toit

My deep commitment to mediation is rooted in my belief that collaborative problem solving is a wonderful adventure in discovering new things about yourself and others, resulting in creative solutions that often surprise us all.

About Delphine:

I am an immigrant who's been a Canadian since 1978. I worked in labour relations and international change management and leadership development for many years. I work independently as a conflict resolution specialist, which includes mediation and coaching. I help clients understand their conflict responses and solutions better and help them build their conflict management competence as well as their cultural awareness. I am actively engaged in research to improve my own understanding of humans in peace and in conflict and to contribute to my profession. I come from a highly bonded extended family and my sons are following my mother's and my example of nurturing those relationships. We have had our fair share of challenges and victories and remain close. Even my ex-spouse of 40 years is a great friend and my grandchildren call me Ouma (Grandmother in Afrikaans).

Certification(s) Held:

Issues Mediated:

Elder,Family Business,Family Separation: Parenting,Health Care: Family,International Custody

Areas Served:

Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland. I also do online mediation on various virtual platforms, and so am available nationally and internationally.

Languages Spoken:

English,Other (see profile)

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