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Colette Squires

Mediation for workplace conflict, family conflict, educational and faith-based settings, conflict coaching and training

About Colette:

For the past 20 years the focus of my work has been people. People in crisis, people in conflict, people needing help and information, people wanting to grow, people wanting to tackle tough issues in a good way. This fascinating journey resonates with my desire to be part of what makes our world a better and more caring place, a place where we can have good conversations about difficult things and meet each other—despite whatever differences we may have—at a place of mutual respect. I am fascinated by what triggers healing and positive change. That inspires me as a mediator, as I support all parties to find common ground and to build mutually satisfactory agreements that make sense to them. My current practice for families focuses on inter-generational conflict, relational conflicts between family members, family members and in-laws, and parent-teen. Often this includes communication coaching for individual family members to help them build better relationships and deeper understanding. My practice also includes training and mediation in corporate, not-for-profit, and government settings. I coach at the Justice Institute of BC’s Centre for Conflict Resolution, where I received my Certificate in Mediation and Third-Party Interventions, and my Associate Certificate in Leadership and Conflict Resolution. I have an M.A. in Criminal Justice, teach criminology, and am trained and experienced as a restorative justice mediator for community and indigenous settings. In my experience, the intersection of a restorative approach with interest-based approaches often yields deeper healing and personal transformation. My desire is to encourage healthy communication, personal growth, and to help my clients reach their personal best.

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Aboriginal Community,Family Business,Parent - Teen

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BC Lower Mainland in person; Distance mediation for the rest of Canada

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