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Cecil Lyon

family mediations including financial and parenting issues as well as commercial and estate mediation.

About Cecil:

Cecil has been helping people resolve their disputes since he started to practice law in 1989. Cecil's practice focuses on Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR). Stepping outside the traditional adversarial box whenever possible, Cecil employs a problem-solving approach (as distinct from and opposed to a problem-making approach) to the practice of law. Cecil's practice focuses on all types of disputes including family law, estates, contracts and employment issues, with particular emphasis on Appropriate Dispute Resolution including mediation, arbitration, early neutral evaluation (ENE) and principled negotiations. In addition to being a member of Family Mediation Canada Cecil is a long time columnist with the Lawyers Weekly, a member of the Collaborative Family Law Network and a panel lawyer. He is also a Roster Mediator with the Ontario Mandatory Mediation Program at Ottawa. Cecil is past President of the Dispute Resolution Centre for Ottawa-Carleton, a member of Society for Professional in Dispute Resolution (SPIDR) now called the Association for Conflict Resolution, National Institute for Dispute Resolution (NIDR), Ontario Association of Family Mediation (OAFM), Family Mediation Canada (FMC), Society for Conflict Resolution (SCRO), Network: Interaction for Conflict Resolution and other dispute resolution organizations. He has extensive training in ADR beginning in 1986. Cecil carries on an active mediation practice including commercial and family mediations. He is the past Chairperson of the Canadian Bar Association (Eastern) ADR Section and, past member of the Canadian Bar Association's National ADR Section. Cecil is an Honoured Fellow of the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution.

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Issues Mediated:

Family Business,Family Separation: Financial,Family Separation: Parenting,Family Succession and Wills,International Custody,Parent - Teen

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Ottawa and environs including Eastern Ontario

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