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Carolina Rondeau

Family separation and divorce, parenting responsibilities and parenting time, division of property.

About Carolina:

I was born and raised in Colombia. My passion for helping people has taken me on various career paths. Initially I studied for, then worked as a nurse in surgery and critical care for over seven years. The nursing career required significant time commitments. Once I become a mother, I decided to pursue a career with more flexible hours and jumped into law school. As a lawyer I could continue working for the community while also freeing up more time to raise my daughter. After a few years of practice in Colombian Family Law, I chose to move to Canada in 2017. Since relocating to Canada, I have worked as an assistant in family law with great lawyers who have given me the opportunity to learn about the Canadian legal system and specifically family law in British Columbia. Most recently I have expanded my horizons and taken the Family Mediation Certification at the Justice Institute of British Columbia. In mediation I can continue to help people navigate the aspects of divorce and separation and most importantly help with family reorganization in a manner more efficient and affordable than a traditional court setting. As a Colombian Family lawyer, I know how difficult and devastating the court process can be. Mediation is an effective means to solve conflicts outside of the courts. Mediation is a great alternative to an expensive and lengthy trial. Where a trial by court leaves the final decisions to a judge. However, in mediation our clients can retain control and the power and make the decisions best suited for them and their children, without the constraints of the rigid courtroom process and outside influence. Separation and divorce come with significant changes in life for both parents and children, but the process can be easier with mediation. There is often a better path to meet the needs of the parents and children and, as a mediator I can help families find amicable and fair solutions. As a neutral third-party professional, I help guide families to identify the challenges with divorce or separation, and I facilitate a safe space for effective communication so all parties can reach a balanced and fair solution.

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Family Separation: Financial,Family Separation: Parenting

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British Columbia

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