Please note, mentors will be compensated for their time by the mentee, please provide your fee (see B.2 below).

A) In order to be an FMC recognized mentor the following conditions must be met:

  1. The mentor will be a member in good standing with Family Mediation Canada.
  1. The mentor will be certified by Family Mediation Canada in the area of expertise that they plan to offer mentorship (i.e. Family Relations, Comprehensive, Elder, Child Protection).
  1. The mentor will be familiar with current legislation (both federal and provincial/territorial) that impacts the mediation process.
  1. The mentor will commit to the time required by the mentee to complete their mentorship: at least 20 hours of direct supervision including observation of sessions and co-mediation, toward mentee taking the lead in session under supervision, plus 10 hours of direct consultation with mentee. Once a mentee is matched with the mentor, together they would mutually determine the time frames and duration of their work together.
  1. The mentor will provide the mentee with the opportunity to participate in actual mediation sessions whenever possible. If the required hours cannot be obtained with actual sessions, such as where the mentee is in a remote location, consideration will be given to role play sessions with the prior approval of FMC.
  1. The mentor will provide the mentee with the opportunity to complete their required hours within one year or less.
  1. The mentor will have a minimum of 5 years of direct service experience in the specific area of mediation they intend to offer mentorship. Please provide two references.
  1. The mentor will provide the opportunity for the mentee to participate in all aspects of the mediation process including, but not limited to: intake/screening, pre-mediation sessionscontracting, agenda building, exploring options/decision making, writing agreements and closure.
  1. The mentor will be familiar with adult learning theory and have experience with adult learners.
  1. The mentor will be familiar with and follow the appropriate role of a mentor.


B) To become a recognized mentor by FMC, please submit your application to the Chair of the FMC Certification Committee via the FMC Administrator ([email protected]). The applicant must:

  1. Submit their curriculum vitae to FMC including specific information regarding current practice and education.
  1. Provide information to FMC regarding their organization and plan for mentorship including: learning opportunities provided and by whom; expected fee for mentorship; and number of mentees that they can accept. This should also include the curriculum vitae of anyone in their organization who will be providing mentorship.
  1. The mentor will be notified in writing by FMC within two months.