A new approach to authentically engaging with children and youth

Child consultation skills for family law practitioners, family mediators, parenting coordinators and other practitioners who would like to include the voices of children in their processes

  • Non-evaluative
  • Meetings rather than interviews
  • Two activity-based meetings with children
  • Child meeting skills including six developmentally appropriate activities
  • A structured approach to ordering the messages from children

Meeting with Children: A Child-Centred Approach
Skills for Family Law Professionals

In this 30-hour on-line program, Lorri Yasenik PhD and Jon Graham LLB explore the skills necessary to authentically meet with post-separation children and youth and bring the voice of children to parents.

Starting from a position that all children over 5 years should be given the opportunity to participate in ADR processes that affect them, Lorri and Jon consider the question of how to authentically engage with children and youth, creating space for he messages from children can be brought back to parents in a way that is not only safe, but is also is authentic to the child.

For practitioners: the approach is highly structured and non evaluative
For children/youth: the approach is unstructured, and non-directive, practice based, experiential, expressive and play based.

The question is not WHETHER children should be heard, but rather HOW TO ensure children’s voices are safely and effectively heard as part of an ADR process. A child-centred approach views the child as central to the family system and provides strategies for working with parents to include the child’s concerns. The challenge that practitioners face is how and when to include children AND how to increase the readiness of the parents to hear their children’s concerns.

Prerequisites: This course is designed for  family law professionals, child & family therapists, child protection workers, child consultants, family mediators and parenting coordinators.

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