Family Mediation Canada is deeply troubled by the extreme acts of anti-Asian racism and violence that have been occurring and specifically on March 16, 2021 in Atlanta Georgia that killed eight people, six of whom were Asian women.  Although these acts of violence occurred in the United States, Canada has its own long and deplorable history of anti-Asian racism. This appalling and devastating pattern of acts of hate, violence and racism has been fuelled more recently with anti-Asian racism since the beginning of COVID-19 and it is important that all Canadians denounce anti-Asian racism and discrimination and instead strive for a more inclusive society.

As Canada’s national family mediation organization, Family Mediation Canada cannot remain silent in the face of ongoing anti-Asian racism.  Family Mediation Canada expresses our deepest sympathy to the families of the most recent victims and calls upon our local communities to work towards advancing social justice and condemning the rise of violence and hate crimes. Family Mediation Canada acknowledges the long-standing struggle with issues of racism and discrimination, in the form of denial, and in individual or group actions of violence and hate.

We urge all Family Mediation Canada members and dispute resolution professionals to uphold human rights and acknowledge our collective responsibility to stand in solidarity with members of the Asian community. We stand in solidarity against all forms of discrimination.

Family Mediation Canada affirms its commitment to respect the rights of all peoples in relation to their knowledge, ideas, cultural expressions and practices, and to ensure that our organization is better informed and equipped to work against racism and discrimination in our sector of society.  Through racial sensitivity training, we are committed to learning how to best be an ally to all racialized groups in Canada. To the degree that we are able and through consultation and partnership with these groups, we will use our voice and position to best ensure that there is no place for racism, discrimination, and hatred within our professional sector.