At the Annual General meeting of Family Mediation Canada on November 2, 2019 Past President Lia Versaevel was pleased to present the Long Term Achievement Award to Linda Bonnell and offer a hearty congratulations on behalf of FMC and all its members.  Linda is our very own Registrar of Certification.

Linda Bonnell is a Comprehensive Family Mediator certified by Family Mediation Canada, and conducts a private mediation practice helping families transitioning through separation and joint parenting plans as well as spousal support, property division and plans for successful financial separation. She is also a mediation trainer in Child Support and Shared Parenting, has been trained in parent coordination and child protection mediation. Linda was on the Family Mediation Canada Board of Directors from 2006-2014 serving as Secretary and President of the Board, and Chair of the Certification Committee.

Linda was a member of the Board of the Parenting Coordinators Society of BC from 2013-2016 and the Program Manager of the Family Mediation Practicum Program where she wrote and delivered property division training for new mediators, and mentored new mediators in a practicum setting. Linda is on the Faculty for the Justice Institute of British Columbia where she teaches Mediating Property Division. She is a co-author of a parent training course called Finances after Separation. Linda is the Registrar of the FMC Certification Program since 2013 and one of the certification assessors since 2016.

Prior to her mediation career beginning in 1997 Linda was a pediatric nurse/manager in acute care ICU, emergency and oncology in Montreal and Vancouver.

We acknowledge the valuable and professional work that Linda does as our Registrar but we also want to highlight that Linda has donated hundreds of hours in numerous volunteer capacities over the years to further the work of Family Mediation Canada and also our certification standard. Past President Lia called on all present to congratulate Linda Bonnell as the 2019 recipient of our Long Term Achievement Award.