FMC Webinar - Mediating Shared Parenting Plans - February 2018

Family Mediation Canada is proud to present a two-part webinar on Mediating Shared Parenting Plans


One of the most challenging issues faced by separating parents is how to share the physical care and economic support of their children. Are the children to live with the mother or the father after separation, or will each parent create a family home and have the children with them part of the time? Who will be responsible for the financial cost of raising the children now that the household income that previously supported one household is shared between two? Reaching an agreement in the emotionally charged climate that surrounds most couples in the throes of separation is not easy.  Part one of this two part series of webinars explores the common elements of a successful shared parenting plan and looks at the details and challenges faced by parents.  The second part looks at the challenges of mediating shared parenting plans and some of the strategies to help you help your clients successfully create a shared parenting plan.


Information about the Presenter:

Linda Bonnell, Certified Comprehensive Mediator

Linda has both Family Relations Mediator and Comprehensive Family Mediator Certification with Family Mediation Canada.  She is a Family Roster mediator with MediateBC and a parent coordinator with the BC Parenting Coordinators Roster Society. She has been a family mediator since 2000.  She has a private mediation practice for  families transitioning through separation and divorce  to work out joint parenting plans, as well as, spousal support, property division and plans for successful financial separation.  Linda is a Past President of the Board of the Parenting Coordinators Society of BC.  As the Program Manager of the Family Mediation Practicum Program in BC Linda wrote and delivered the training for new mediators, and mentored new mediators in a practicum setting.  She was a member of the Board of Directors of Family Mediation Canada from 2006 through 2014, serving as President of the Board, Secretary, and Chair of the Certification Committee. She is currently the Registrar of the FMC Certification Program.


Webinar 1:  Introduction to Shared Parenting Plans  

Date: Tuesday February 13th, 2018

Time: 1pm -2pm EST (1 hour)

What Does Shared Custody/Parenting Mean to Your Clients?

  • The Elements of a Shared Parenting Plan
  • The Details/Challenges Faced by Parents
  • Common Sharing Patterns
  • Changing Living Arrangements
  • Working Out the “Ideal” Schedule
  • Holidays Are Special Challenges
  • Virtual Parenting Time
  • Differences in Parenting
  • Common Elements for Successful Shared Parenting Plans


Webinar 2:  Mediating Shared Parenting Plans

Date:  Tuesday February 20th, 2018 

Time: 1 pm-2:30pm EST (1.5 hours)

  • Transitions
  • Basic Values
  • Discipline
  • Activities and Special Events
  • Special Occasions
  • When Emergencies Occur
  • Extended Family
  • Child Support and Shared Parenting
  • Special Expenses and Shared Parenting
  • Extra and Unexpected Expenses and Shared Parenting
  • Tax Credits and Benefits

Cost: FMC Members: $150.00   /   Non-Members: $170.00

Course slides and handouts will be included.

Attendees will receive 2.5 hours of credit towards annual continuing education and FMC Certification.

A certificate of attendance will be provided to all registrants.

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